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Joel Crosswell
Friday, 9 March, 2018 to Thursday, 29 March, 2018

Joel Crosswell
Thoughts Catching Thoughts 2017
acrylic and pastel on paper, framed
111 x 77 cm (frame size)

New works by Tasmanian-based artist Joel Crosswell have ventured into a territory of inviting narrative. Somewhat playful, Crosswell’s idiosyncratic colourful figures also carry with them a darkness that is both free and contained.

Anonymous Souls stems from Crosswell’s long time curiosity of the altered state. In his works on paper, he meanders from his own subconscious and the reoccurring patterns that also exist within the shadow archetype. Crosswell's process itself is spontaneous and unpredictable. The works are a manifestation of predominantly the unknown, apparitions who seem to naturally speak to another, gently ricocheting off like constantly moving glimmers in a world on the borderline of real and psychedelic.