Satellite One

Nano Rubio | Alison Woods | Tom Dunn | Jenny Hager | Valerie Wilcox
Saturday, 23 September, 2017 to Saturday, 14 October, 2017

Satellite One and Antipodal are the first 'exchange exhibitions' of their kind hosted by TWFINEART and Durden and Ray. This literal exchange of gallery spaces reflects the spirit of collaboration resulting from the digital and global environment of the contemporary art scene.

Los Angeles artists Max Presneill and Chris Trueman curated Antipodal from artists represented by TWFINEART while Tove Langridge has assembled Satellite One from Durden & Ray's stable of contemporary artists.

"There is an exciting new wave of painting with pockets on the east coast of Australia and the west coast here, that also relates to painting in New York and places likes Berlin," Trueman said. "There is a much broader exchange of ideas as a result of social media inter-connectivity."

Both exhibitions are an examination of abstraction art on an international scale. The artists chosen show in Los Angeles, Australia, California, Colorado and New York. Each of the artists has taken the expressionistic aesthetic of the 1940's and 1950's and moved it forward into contemporary exploration. 

"When modernism came to a close, there was a quick change to pop art, conceptualism and minimalism," Trueman said. "But with the various methods of abstract painting there was plenty of territory left unexplored."

Presneill noted, "The visual aspect is reminiscent but altered, updated. The content however has removed itself from subjective emotionalism alone and moved towards a historically aware and conceptually driven relationship to the act of painting."