Results of the National Arts Participation Survey

Wed, 28/06/2017 - 04:19 -- eyeline

The Australia Council has released reults of Connecting Australians: The National Arts Participation Survey.  The survey is the third in a landmark series delivered by the Council since 2009. It captures Australians’ attitudes and engagement with the arts, demonstrating the significant and increasing personal value Australians place on the impact of the arts. The Council is particularly pleased to see confirmation of the essential role the arts play in daily life, their reflection of Australia’s diversity, and their contribution to a healthy and inclusive public life. This is timely given the census data released yesterday highlights the increasing diversity of Australia.

The research confirms that the arts have a place in the lives of 98% of Australians. Since the 2013 survey there is increased recognition of their positive impact on our wellbeing and ability to develop new ideas. More Australians now believe the arts reflect Australia’s cultural diversity and that they shape and express Australian identity. Other trends include a jump to 7 million Australians experiencing First Nations arts last year, double the number since the first survey in 2009. We’ve also seen increases for a number of art forms, strong trends for participation by younger Australians, and a boom in online arts engagement.

This research sits within the Australia Council’s broader research work, the full range of which is available in a new interactive web presence called Arts Nation.

Connecting Australians: The National Arts Survey reflects the Australia Council’s commitment to demonstrating the essential value of the arts to individual and public life. A valuable resource to inform policy, programs and investment in the arts and well beyond.