Triple Canopy Publication Intensive

Sun, 29/10/2017 - 23:43 -- eyeline

Triple Canopy is calling for applicants for their Publication Intensive in Los Angeles, a two-week program on the history and contemporary practice of publication from 10-19 January 2018.

The program will take place in various sites throughout Los Angeles, including seminar conversations hosted at the Underground Museum, and visits to studios of artists and designers, archives, and cultural institutions.

Recent graduates with backgrounds in writing, art, literature, art history, new media, and design are invited to apply.

The Publication Intensive will address such questions as: How have artists, writers, and designers used the pages of magazines and books as sites of and material for experimentation? How have new-media publications challenged conventions of authorship and reception, only to have those very challenges soon become the foundation of the new economy? How have artists, writers, designers, and technologists responded to ensuing changes in the media landscape? And how have responses differed in areas with disparate resources and relationships to technology? What are the politics of access and identity associated with online public forums and media?

Closing date 19 November 2017. Apply online here.