peter anderson

Peter Anderson is a Melbourne-based writer.


Robert MacPherson: The Painter's Reach
Claims and Counter-Claims in the Moral Rights" Debate
Peter Anderson investigates the paradoxical relationship between copyright law and postmodern practice
Influence, appropriation, or theft?
Art research: who reads it?
Questioning the cultural hierarchy
Constructing an artistic image—Lessons in the art of self-promotion
Creative Nation—Arts industry and national culture
Questions on the path to success
The industry of the amateur
Arts Policy: A Change in Direction?
A New Art Academy?
Taking Responsibility for Arts Funding
Professional or profitable (but not necessarily both)?


Audience (2013-2016)
The McLeay Report: Throwing out the baby with the bathwater?
Does New York exist?
The Visual artist and the law by Shane Simpson
Helen Fridemanis, Artists and aspects of the Contemporary Art Society, Queensland branch
Paul Taylor, After Andy: Soho in the eighties, Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane; Edward Colless, The error of my ways, Schwartz City, Melbourne
Nadine Christensen, Petalia Mackay, Sandra Selig, Andrea Tu, Curator: Max Delany