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Saturday, 24 November, 2018 to Saturday, 2 February, 2019

Fiona Connor, Detail: ‘Community Notice Board (Cleaning Coop)’, 2018.
Plasterboard, silkscreen and UV print on aluminium, staples, pins. 122 x 213.5 x 5cm

Fiona Connor’s work often remakes things that already exist, and is often to do with places where there is a connection between the built environment and local communities.

Over the last five years Connor has been documenting community notice boards found in places near her home in Los Angeles and on her regular trips to California’s High Desert. Connor has made series’ of works that remake these community notice boards, carefully reproducing their appearance while substituting their ephemeral paper postings for permanent copies in silkscreened metal.

This exhibition at the gallery in Sydney comprises a new work that recreates a section of wall designated for posting community notices at the Cleaning Co-op in California’s Yucca Valley.