current exhibitions

A MGA Travelling Exhibition
Sunday, 21 October, 2018 to Sunday, 2 December, 2018

Peter Dombrovskis, Lake Oberon, Western Arthur Range, south-west Tasmania 1988, pigment inkjet print. Monash Gallery of Art, City of Monash Collection acquired 2015. Reproduction courtesy of the Estate of Peter Dombrovskis.

Australian Exotica draws on MGA’s nationally significant collection of Australian photographs and showcases a range of photographic work that engages with the theme of the
exotic antipodes.

Ever since the fifteenth century, when European cartographers began including the contour of Terra Australis Incognita (‘the unknown land of the south’) in their speculative maps of the globe, the continent of Australia has been thought of as an exotic place. For many of the artists in this exhibition, this European vision is something that needs to be subverted and critiqued. For others, the idea of living in an eccentric environment, with surreal undertows, continues to inform a distinctively Australian sense of place.

Artists include: Brook Andrew, Michael Cook, Destiny Deacon, Peter Dombrovskis, Marian Drew, Leah King-Smith, Joseph McGlennon, Tracey Moffatt, Darren Siwes, Robyn Stacey and Christian Bumbarra Thompson.

Susan Fell-McLean
Sunday, 21 October, 2018 to Sunday, 2 December, 2018

Susan Fell-McLean, House of Hope installation detail. Courtesy of the artist.

House of Hope is a contemporary textile art exhibition by Northern NSW artist Susan Fell-McLean. With no previous parallels, House of Hope questions our everyday use of fabrics coloured by petro chemicals inthree installations of contemporary shibori textiles. The exhibition repositions textiles as an extension of sculpture, informed by critical theory and celebrates seven selected eucalypt species in the dyeing of silk and wool, expressing globally unique insights and highlighting the iconic nature of eucalypts.

Susan Gourley
Saturday, 13 October, 2018 to Tuesday, 27 November, 2018

Susan Gourley, A Consumer’s Guide to Unobtainable Happiness 2014 –15, recycled cardboard, polystyrene, and paper, plus modelling paste, adhesive, synthetic polymer paint, glass, paper and wire. Courtesy of the artist.

Susan Gourley aims to destabilise the consumerist impulse through paradox, mimicry and repetition. In A Consumer’s Guide to Unobtainable Happiness Gourley uses waste materials to reproduce the textural qualities of faux tableaux French inspired patisseries, both mimicking and questioning a culture built on mass consumption.

Jewellers and Metalsmiths Group of Australia, Queensland Chapter
Sunday, 27 January, 2019 to Sunday, 3 March, 2019

Katie Stormonth, Unsuspected Damage (Brooches), 2016. Sterling silver, copper, timber, stainless steel, acrylic paint, 10cm x 7cm x 6cm (each). Photo: Faun Photography.

Use, is thematically focused on the concept of tools, while exploring the conceptual breadth and layers of meaning that operate within the theme for contemporary jewellers, metalsmiths and small objects practitioners. Use will explore the intersection between art, craft and design while celebrating the talent of 17 Queensland jewellers and small object makers.

Opening: 6.30pm Friday 25 January 2019

Catharine Ellis and Kay Faulkner
Sunday, 10 March, 2019 to Sunday, 14 April, 2019

Kay Faulkner, Give them voice 2018, Hand woven shibori on woven story cloth, cotton and triacetate/acrylic, stitched, dyed with pomegranate (local), permanently pleated. Courtesy of the artist.

Parallel exhibits the work of USA textile artist Catharine Ellis and Redlands artist Kay Faulkner. In her textiles, Catharine has used woven shibori to create a resist for dyeing and a tool for shaping. Her weavings have ranged from simple “tabby” weave to complex Jacquard fabric. Recent explorations have been into the use of natural dyes, using woven shibori where she applies both immersion dyeing and printing techniques. Kay’s practice aims at integrating woven shibori alongside many other woven structures. Often the resulting cloth is complex, both structurally and with the overlay of surface design pattern. It is one of many techniques that is used to create an interesting cloth, one with often a story to tell.

Opening: 6.30pm Friday 8 March 2019

Sunday, 9 December, 2018 to Sunday, 20 January, 2019

Deb Mostert, Australien Future 2017, oil on board. Courtesy of the artist.

Australien Future – Tales of Migration focusses on people, birds and memory. The exhibition is inspired by Deb Mostert’s discovery of film footage taken by her grandfather on board a migrant ship that transported him and his family from Holland to Australia in 1955. In the mediums of painting and sculpture, Mostert explores parallels between her family history with the migration stories of the waders that visit our shores. Migratory birds travel huge distances of thousands of kilometres driven by the basic needs for safety and food, and to be able to reproduce and raise their families in a safe place over the harsh conditions of their breeding grounds.

Opening: 6.30pm Friday 7 December 2018

Sunday, 9 December, 2018 to Sunday, 20 January, 2019

Deb Mostert, Shore birds mock up 2017, magiclay and wire. Courtesy of the artist.

Continuing the year-long celebrations of RAG’s 15th Birthday, artist Deb Mostert will work with and mentor local Redlands-based art groups and artists in shore bird making workshops. The 300+ shore birds created will become a large scale installation in galleries 2, 3, 4 alongside Deb Mostert’s solo exhibition Australien Future – Tales of Migration.

Opening: 6.30pm Friday 7 December 2018

Sunday, 27 January, 2019 to Sunday, 3 March, 2019

Leigh Camilleri, Where fresh meets salt 2018, oil on canvas. Courtesy of the artist.

In the exhibition Spaces in between Redlands artist Leigh Camilleri observes history through landscape; the scars, folds, markers, of flora, fauna, life and death show the wounds and successes of time. The now is only a very small part of the story. History reveals much more. Our urban edges are bringing us closer to each other, pushing and pulling at boundaries. 

Opening: 6.30pm Friday 25 January 2019