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Australian Movie Portraits
Friday, 14 September, 2018 to Friday, 30 November, 2018

Robert McFARLANE, Toni Collette as Muriel, from the film Muriel's Wedding, 1994, directed by P J Hogan. National Film and Sound Archive of Australia. Courtesy House and Moorhouse Films.

A collaborative project between the National Film and Sound Archive and the National Portrait Gallery, Starstruck: Australian Movie Portraits reveals never-before-seen stories of Australian cinema. Through photographic portraits, candid behind-the-scenes shots, rare film posters, casting books and original costumes, Starstruck celebrates the past and present of Australian filmincluding watershed moments in cinema and iconic visions of Australian lifeand also offers a glimpse into the experiences of the actors and crew. The exhibition explores how cinema portraiture can create a bridge between the magic of a movie’s fictional worlds and the realities of filmmaking.

A National Film and Sound Archive of Australia and National Portrait Gallery exhibition supported by the National Collecting Institutions Touring and Outreach Program, presented by Samstag Museum of Art for the 2018 Adelaide Film Festival.

Molly Reynolds and Rolf de Heer
Friday, 14 September, 2018 to Friday, 30 November, 2018

Molly REYNOLDS, Rolf DE HEER and Mark ELAND, The Waiting Room, 2018

Time begins, ends and goes astray in The Waiting Room. It is the place between ‘before’ and ‘after’. A place where realities converge and diverge. In The Waiting Room, we are transported to that place, where the elusive yet exacting nature of time reveals itself.

International award-winning filmmakers Molly Reynolds and Rolf de Heer, together with visual designer Mark Eland and sound designer Tom Heuzenroeder, present a cinematic installation in five dimensions, traversing the audio-visual realm through space and time. Continuing the Samstag Museum of Art’s series of moving image commissions in partnership with the Adelaide Film Festival, The Waiting Room is Reynolds's and de Heer’s first foray into creating work expressly for an exhibition context. Matching technical dexterity with conceptual depth, it promises to push the boundaries of the cinematic experience.

Thursday, 28 February, 2019 to Friday, 5 April, 2019

Lisa Reihana, in Pursuit of Venus [infected], 2015–17 detail, single channel ultra HD video, colour, sound, 64 min. Courtesy the artist.

The Adelaide//International is a new series of exhibitions for the 2019, 2020 and 2021 Adelaide Festivals, each  comprising works by artists from  Australia and overseas, along with associated forum programs.

In 2019 two Australian artists—Brook Andrew and Eugenia Lim—and two international—Lisa Reihana (New Zealand) and Ming Wong (Singapore)—will be featured in an exhibition covering issues of identity, post-colonialism and migration.

Lisa Reihana's panoramic video in Pursuit of Venus [infected]was the most discussed and acclaimed work from the 2017 Venice Biennale and will be presented at its original, extraordinary scale. Ming Wong turns a scene from Wong Kar-wai's In The Mood for Love on its head with his playful In Love for the Mood, recasting a hapless Caucasian actress who struggles with the script while prompted in fluent Cantonese.

The 2019 exhibition will also include world premieres of work from Brook Andrew and Eugenia Lim, the latter of whom appears as the mysterious gold-Mao-suited persona from her celebrated series The Ambassador. In contrast, Brook Andrew’s slightly unsettling installation aims to repair and broaden the representation of Aboriginal history.