eyeline 76

Christian de Vietri interviewed by Dina Ibrahim; Rachel Shearer: The flooded mirror and silt line – Sound art and public space by Andrew Clifford; Sex, death and religion: Touring MONA by Anne Marsh; Wes Hill in conversation with Andrew Harper; Confronting consensus: The art and politics of Christopher Howlett by Mark Pennings and Mark Webb; Game changer: Helen Johnson – New painterly strategies by Shelley McSpedden; The un-thought about: A history for John Barbour in a handful of objects... by Ewen McDonald; Adelaide and the elusive palace of dreams by Ross Wolfe; All is not what it seems: Through the glass with Nicholas by Ian Were; Return of the exhibition: 12th Istanbul Biennial by Adele Tan; Knowing but not seeing: Yokohama Triennale 2011 by Emily Wakeling; Reviews.


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