Have your say on the future of the arts in Queensland

Fri, 09/11/2018 - 05:35 -- eyeline

Consultation is now open on the Queensland Government’s Creating Queensland’s Future: 10-Year Roadmap for the arts, cultural and creative sector discussion paper.It includes a draft vision for the sector and asks Queenslanders to consider how the arts, cultural and creative sector can address the challenges of today and tomorrow.

The arts, cultural and creative sector has great potential to connect communities, drive cultural tourism, create employment opportunities and affect positive change in all areas of society, from education to health and justice issues.

Arts Queensland (AQ) is leading an eight-week public consultation process across the State supported by a websitethat features the discussion paper and surveys for the community and the arts sector.
AQ is also coordinating face-to-face consultations and regional forums the Creating Queensland’s Future consultation website will outline these opportunities as they are confirmed. 

This is an opportunity to have your say. Communities across the state, as well as industry, business and all levels of government, are asked to share insights and help AQ gather a wide range of views on how the sector can best deliver positive social and economic outcomes for Queensland. 

The consultation will inform strategic action planning and the future direction of Queensland Government investment - so don’t miss this chance to have your say.

Please join the Queensland Government in putting the arts front and centre in supporting Queensland’s creative future.