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Edited by Adam Geczy and Mimi Kelly, this new volume takes a look at the rich history of performance art in Australia through a multitude of perspectives. With thirty-nine contributions by scholars, curators and artists covering more than three decades of practice, readers will enjoy both a comprehensive overview of the local performance art landscape and a rich trove of personal reflections from some of its pioneers and main proponents.

This book will appeal to readers interested in Australian art history and contemporary art in an international context; and performance art practices that range from the conceptual to the choreographed.

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For the renowned artist Imants Tillers, whose career spans more than four decades of prolific creative practice, this ‘journey to nowhere’ is neither a homecoming nor a departure, but a fertile and thought-provoking meeting of worlds. The son of Latvian parents who were displaced during the Second World War, Tillers was born in Sydney, Australia, where he would speak Latvian before English and long feel the pull of a distant culture. Displacement, diaspora and an awareness of the complex weave of cultures marks all his work, from his experiments with installation in the 1970s and trailblazing appropriations in the 1980s to the holistic system of modular (canvasboard) paintings that number 108,224 today.

With contributions from Elita Ansone, Graham Coulter-Smith, Mark Ledbury, Ian McLean and Tillers himself, this publication traces the artist’s career through his most formative journeys, be they physical, collaborative or philosophical. As the work crosses vast physical, metaphysical and mytho-poetic terrain, our authors find themselves in Karosta, Papunya, Cooma and many distant art-historical shores along the way.

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This new volume explores the art and architecture of Southeast Asia in the postwar period. Ten essays by emerging scholars draw upon unexplored archives and works of art, bearing witness to rich local histories and uncovering complex artistic exchanges across Cambodia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and beyond.

The collection sheds new light on the significance of architecture, painting, installation, photography, and sculpture in the historical narratives of this period and offers fresh insights into artistic production and reception within the cultural and political contexts of postcolonialism and the Cold War, the legacies of which continue to shape the region today.

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