Wednesday, 20 June, 2018 to Friday, 2 April, 2021

Space Pixels is an interactive light installation, made of mirrored stainless steel and intelligent pixels. The shapes and patterns are formed through reflections, changes in light, colour and intensity.

The installation, created by Nathan Street, explores methods for creating volumetric displays, using techniques found in kaleidoscopes. Multiple three-sided mirror kaleidoscopes allow the image to be viewed from multiple angles, creating the illusion of transparency and volume.

Microphones capture transient sound near the work that influence the patterns and intensity of the light. This allows the work to respond to the environment and be explored in playful ways.

Space Pixels is inspired by Atari 2600 computer games. Games like Space Invaders and Asteroids use simple animation techniques to create staggered movement as objects move around the screen, with coloured pixel explosions when asteroids are destroyed.

Saturday, 19 September, 2020 to Sunday, 7 February, 2021

In the Children’s Gallery you’ll find a hands-on exhibition that challenges you to design and build your own flying creation to test in the Wind Tubes - vertical tubes of moving air.

See your creation take flight and soar to the ceiling, and defy gravity by hovering high overhead… or just fall to the floor. It’s all about air and invention, with a little bit of mid-air mayhem.

Saturday, 19 September, 2020 to Sunday, 29 November, 2020

The Amberley Series celebrates 100 years of the Royal Australian Air Force and 80 years of RAAF Base Amberley.

This display features works created by artist Robert Moore when he was commissioned to undertake an 8-week residency at the RAAF Base Amberley in 2001. The works depict the iconic F1-11 fighter bomber, the Caribou carrier aircraft, along with the tag system for tools used in aircraft maintenance.

Saturday, 31 October, 2020 to Sunday, 10 January, 2021

Pennie JAGIELLO | The crown-of-thorns has nothing over the Anthropocene 2018 | discarded plastic | 39 x 18 x 10cm | Toowoomba Regional Art Gallery – Toowoomba City Collection 2342 | Reproduced by kind permission © the artist 

Concern for the environment is a prevalent theme in the practice of many contemporary artists. Specifically, artists explore the impact that human industries and activities are having on the natural world. From land clearing and urban development to mining and waste, artists use various mediums to portray their alarm for the imprint humans are leaving on the Earth. This exhibition features artworks from the Toowoomba Regional Art Gallery – Toowoomba City Collection that offer diverse artistic expressions of this theme. 

Saturday, 7 November, 2020 to Sunday, 29 November, 2020

Anita MANGAKAHIA | Sentinels; water, rainforest and seasons 2019 | oil monoprint on cotton | Reproduced by kind permission © the artist 

GraduArt is the annual exhibition for University of Southern Queensland (USQ) Visual Arts Students who have completed their studio practice courses. The artworks are a result of studio development across the disciplines – Ceramics, Printmaking, Sculpture, painting and Drawing. Each of the emerging artists (undergraduates and postgraduates) has rigorously researched their ideas and their projects are the result of their investigations. 

Maree Cameron
Saturday, 7 November, 2020 to Sunday, 6 December, 2020

Maree CAMERON | Peaceful landscape 2019 | watercolour on paper | 56.0 x 45.5cm | Reproduced by kind permission © the artist 

Local artist Maree Cameron has a passion to create and works in a variety of mediums including pastels, watercolours and acrylics. She is drawn to moments of introspection with the natural world and its inhabitants. Her artworks incorporate experiences of growing up in the country and her passion in watching and caring for animals. Creative Interpretation presents new works by Cameron that focus on her love of the country, wildlife and the special moments she has shared with both. 

Saturday, 14 November, 2020 to Sunday, 14 February, 2021

South African born ceramic artist and qualified architect Jane du Rand explores the architecture of the ‘Queenslander’ house in this series of new works.

Since relocating to Ipswich in 2016, Jane has explored the urban fabric of her new hometown. By incorporating oral history elements, each work is a ceramic snapshot capturing the soul of a unique home and the lives of its inhabitants. 

Friday, 20 November, 2020 to Saturday, 16 January, 2021

Marian Tubbs works with poor and found materials to question ideas of value and raise economic, social and ecological issues. The artist’s assemblage-focused practice brings together images, objects and text in unexpected combinations to create new knowledge and ways of thinking. For we need privacy guys here too, Tubbs presents new and existing works in a range of media, constructed from the physical and digital detritus of contemporary life. 

Friday, 20 November, 2020 to Saturday, 16 January, 2021

The exhibition presents the work of contemporary Australian artists who utilise craft-based materialities with a political intent. Broadening our understanding of craft-making traditions, the artists in this exhibition subvert and extend these forms into the realm of activism and social change, reflecting on the world in which we live. While some respond directly to artistic or political movements, others encourage social connection between community members or require participatory activation through collective processes.

Lionel LINDSAY 1874-1961 | Night heron 1935 | wood engraving | unnumbered impression | edition of 100 | 13.2 x 13.2cm | Lionel Lindsay Gallery and Library Collection 298 | © National Library of Australia 

Lionel Lindsay once wrote that ‘my vagrant melancholy was haunted’ by the mysterious, morose and grotesque worlds of Gothic writer Edgar Allan Poe. Lindsay’s wood engravings tended to project his inner darkness, his fears and torments, and his dread of his times. While answering to our uncertain ‘new normal’, this selection of pre-COVID-19-era works shows that it is not unprecedented for visual art to express states of tension and depression, unease and weirdness. Featuring works by Lindsay and other Australian artists, including Peter Booth, Margery Edwards, James Gleeson and Anne Wallace. 

Percy LINDSAY 1870-1952 | The digger n.d. | oil on canvas | 62.0 x 51.5cm | Lionel Lindsay Gallery and Library Collection 016 | Reproduced by kind permission © the artist 

Named after an image from Dorothea Mackellar’s popular poem about Australia, “My Country” (1908), this exhibition highlights oils by Frederick McCubbin, Tom Roberts, Percy Lindsay and other painters represented in the Lionel Lindsay Gallery and Library Collection. 

David USHER and Stephen SPURRIER | There's a garden in my plane 2015 | acrylic and ink on canvas | 20 x 20cm | Reproduced by kind permission © the artist 

Gathering in the Light features a dialogue about the working practices of two Toowoomba based artists, Stephen Spurrier and David Usher. 

The exhibition explores their creative processes – looking at how they use solitude while overcoming isolation through collaboration. Capturing a moment in time, Spurrier and Usher’s artworks are a direct response to the social, environmental, esoteric and cosmic influences that have shaped 2020. These works celebrate how Spurrier and Usher embrace the landscape in their respective practices; especially the critical role light plays in balancing image making. 

Shifting across painting, printmaking and ceramics, the exhibition explores the many ways in which the process of making reflects layers of lived experience. It delves into the artists’ psychological and emotional responses to physical locations. There is a particular focus on memory and the pivotal moments, situations and adventures that influence an artwork. 

Pittsworth Art Group
Saturday, 12 December, 2020 to Sunday, 10 January, 2021

Barbara LANHAM | Living Lace 2020 | acrylic on canvas | 50 x 40cm | Reproduced by kind permission © the artist 

A passionate group of artists in Pittsworth came together twenty years ago to meet regularly and share a common interest in art. The year 2020 marks the 20th Anniversary of the Pittsworth Art Group and makes for a fitting 20th Anniversary group exhibition. Pittsworth, Heart of the Downs showcases the eclectic styles of the individual artists and celebrates artists as the beating heart of the Downs - the place they call home.